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Thread: FDA Approves Obesity Pill?

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    FDA Approves Obesity Pill?

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    Has anyone else seen this? Does it make anyone else a little sick?

    Also, I love that they're using BMI to determine if the person needs the drug. <sarcasm> Because BMI is an excellent indicator of how obese a person is </sarcasm>

    I feel like the Primal lifestyle holds the not so secret method to get/be healthy and get off your meds. We don't need more meds designed to get people off their meds. Just another way for the greedy to make money... Sad.

    FDA approves obesity pill Belviq for obese, overweight people with weight-related health problems - HealthPop - CBS News

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    Take a pill and eat what you want. Isn't that the way it should be?

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    What I find interesting is that it's not even a very effective pill, apparently. And it was originally denied because it was shown to cause tumor growth, but the company resubmitted info showing that tumor growth in humans wasn't likely. Eesh. Scary stuff.

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