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Thread: How to heal myself!?

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    Exclamation How to heal myself!?

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    I understand that eating primal is anti-inflammatory but, I need help or some advice on how to clean my insides out because of my bad eating habits. What are the things I can do in order to have a healthy immune system colon digestive system gut flora etc etc.. how should I go about healing my stomach in its entirety. Is just going primal going to fix everything wrong with me? What should I do and not do?

    P.S. I'm only 21 but, I feel old, lack of energy and youth. I have lower left abdominal pains and sometimes right side abdominal pains. I had problems with my spleen but, they went away. HELLLLP!! PLEASE AND THANK YOU
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    Start with the Primal Blueprint, including probiotics (from fermented food, ideally) and try to get as much of your nutritional demands from food and sunshine as possible. Once you've made that second nature, make small tweaks for any issues that remain.

    I used to have horrible heartburn and reflux (3 150mg Zantac daily + eating Tums like [the] candy [they are]) but now I almost never have issues.
    I wish I liked to eat liver.

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