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Thread: Always hungry. Always.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JBailey View Post
    Time of the month might have something to do with what satisfies when. Some days I'm just hungrier than others, and I think it's a hormonal pattern.
    That too. Yep.

    And eat the smoked salmon every day. No need to limit it. You'll get sick of it soon enough and move on to something else. I honestly think that's the best way to eat anyway. After all, in the wild you get booms and busts naturally. Suddenly all the XYZ trees are in fruit so you gorge. Suddenly the herds are migrating through so you gorge. Suddenly the salmon are spawning so you gorge. That's the way of nature.
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    I think one really has to take the time and figure out your own plan through expermintation and observation. Personally I need some extra carbs. My motivation for living primally was more energy and overall health benefits. I didn't really need to loose weight but did, and had kind of an unhealthy look... I went from 170lbs to 155, and was always hungry and feeling weak too. (I am 6'1) Now my primal life style has a bit of a medaterrinian flavor to it. I (gasp) eat half a pita with lunch while eating veggies, fruits, lean and grass fed meat's and healthy fats as much as possible. I now effortlessly maintaine a healthy weight (for me) of 165-167lbs and feel great. If I feel like I'm flagging a bit I will eat some extra carbs, no biggy.

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    i totally hear ya. i honestly think that carb intake a pretty individualized thing. i know some people are super active and succeed with low carb. i'm super active, and did really well with it and then literally hit a wall after about a year. so it took some experimantation, but i finally found the right system of cycling carbs that keeps me energized, keeps my muscles growing, and keeps me lean, all at the same time.
    I find that my hunger levels are strongly impacted by sugars, natural or otherwise. So, if adding carbs to curb hunger I would recommend experimenting with starch vs sugars, i.e. tubers vs fruit and sweet potato. White potato is >> satiating than sweet for me, while all fruit including berries is hunger inducing. I also started adding half a cup of beans a day after work ~ 4pm while cooking dinner to see if it is better than white potatoes & will keep me from overeating at dinner (I often start getting ravenously hungry from 2 pm on). When I just moved off CW to whole foods (due to crazy sugar hunger, the shaky, dizzy and creating hallucinations of food kind), beans was a wonder satiation food for me. While Paleo/Primal does not approve of legumes, I feel they may be a good option for someone active, hungry, with a history of sugar addiction problems and no FOODMAP sensitivities.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TBar View Post
    Its a paleo muffin, I was trying to find paleo breakfast ideas.. Now that I think about it its probably a bit on the empty side (coconut flour being a main ingredient), tasty though, got me through my sugar cravings in the beginning!

    I'm going to try the eggs. I'm taken some of Mark's experimentation ideas to help with sleep, and I might try using the same for this as well.

    Weigh in on Friday (my usual time) and then starting saturday ramp up eggs and bacon in the morning, keep everything else the same, and record mood, hunger, lethargy daily till the next Friday.

    I like experimenting, it makes it even more fun that it is already!

    Thanks for the advice guys, I really really appreciate it. I've never posted on a forum before!

    Here is a easy breakfast 'egg muffin'...

    imgur: the simple image sharer

    What you will need...
    Muffin pan
    Eggs (it's been a little while since I made these, but I think 5-6 eggs made my 12 cup pan)
    Bacon (Ive used bacon and sausage)
    Bell peppers
    Cheese (optional)
    (You can add all kinds of other veggies of course)

    -Heat your oven to 350
    -Cook the bacon
    -Get a muffin pan and line the cups with ham, or turkey (I used ham).
    -Chop up the bacon, bell peppers, and Oinoin into the size that you want.
    -Mix the eggs and the other chopped goodies up.
    -Pour the mixture into the ham lined muffin cups, and sprinkle a little cheese on top if you're eating cheese.
    -Cook for 15-20 minutes.

    You can refrigerate them for 3-4 days, so if you're single you may want to make half a batch. Just pop them in the microwave for 30 seconds and you have a quick and easy breakfast.

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    Eat some sugar, it can help curb your hunger. Salmon is full of insulin dysregulating polyunsaturated fatty acids & will just make you hungrier.

    No honestly drink some milk.

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    Hey Nixxie,

    That's a good idea. I suppose I haven't been on this long enough and I unconsciously still count calories. I hate it and I'm trying to be mindful and stop when I notice I'm doing it.

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    I've been following this thread and got some great advice from it. Today for the first time in years I hit the jackpot of a breakfast which fills me up till lunch time. It takes 2 sausages and 5 eggs. Wow. When I first went primal I thought two eggs was greedy. Check me out now.

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    When I eat breakfast, I need some kind of protein and fat, w/maybe a few fried veggies once in a great while. Anything else, sets me up to be hungry all day it seems. My daughter has mentioned before that if she eats breakfast, she is hungry all day. I usually just cruise on through until lunch on a coffee, either BP or with half&half. If I have more than one cup, (which sometimes I do when my day starts at 4.m.) it is always w/half&half.

    I go through spells also, of being hungrier than other days/weeks.
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    hello all. Been following this wonderful website for over 6 months. so so helpful in putting me back on track . slowly becoming primal still find so so hard on weekends. Totally addicted to chocolates. i have one piece easily eat whole block and anything else can find. In my mind say i will be good starting this mon.........

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    This has been really useful to read thank you - blueberries in the morning being too much sugar. I'm a newbie (3 weeks or so) and have tried to mix up my breakfasts so I don't get bored by the eggs etc in the morning. I've been having berries nuts and a bit of organic whole yogurt for breakfast a couple of times a week, but it seems to tip me into serious killer ravenous hunger for the rest of the day, whereas if I have something similar as a snack or treat later it doesn't.

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