Hi everyone,

I'm new to the Paleo/Primal lifestyle (3 months or so), I went into it pretty much guns blazing. Cut out grains and processed food, then sugar in my coffee, then swapped for raw milk, then upped my intake of fat, and started exercising primal style.
I quit smoking (10 year habit), I quit drinking, I started eating better, I put on muscle and lost fat and I can BREATHE when I walk up the stairs now which is amazing, now I sprint up them for fun!

My problem - and I do have one

I am always hungry. Always.

Breakfast 7AM:
Coconut, almond and blueberry muffin
1 tablespoon MCT oil
Coffee w raw milk

Lunch (I try to wait till 12PM/1PM but rarely make it past 11AM):
Usually meat(beef, lamb, chicken, salmon) with butter and veggies or eggs with butter with veggies.

Same as lunch

I drink a further 2/3 coffees a day, all with raw milk and no sugar.

Please help, I feel like I'm constantly starving but I seem to be eating enough right? I refuse to ever eat anything but primal every again (minus occasional dairy). But I don't want to put on weight, in fact - I'm still 7 pounds from my ideal weight!

Thanks in advance for any ideas.

PS. Primal/Paleo is still the best thing I have ever done, regardless of the hunger.