So, I got into hot water with my roommate (who happens to be my ex g/f, but that's a different story). She's been on this real weight loss drive, but she's really lost too much weight. She used to be beautiful, but now looks malnourished. And she's done with ISAGENIX shakes. I've been telling her that she's creating too much of a calorie deficiency, questionable ingredients, yada yada yada. But the other day, she started this blog on Facebook, promoting the stuff, and antagonistic me had to go and post a link to an article against Isagenix. She got furious because I tried to sabatoge her. I mentioned, "well I suppose I could just delete you from Facebook, so I don't have to read your stupid posts about that shit anymore" and she tells me "yeah, and while you're at it, you can find a new place to live."

I feel so shitty about this whole situation. I should have just left her to own methods of weight loss and nutrition. Is Isagenix actually bad for a person?