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Thread: Got in trouble with my roommate

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    I take it you are a guy in your 20s? Lesson 1 learned on your way to adult malehood.
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    Yep, I'm 24, she's 35. I think we're making mends as of this morning. I truly feel bad about sticking my nose in her business, but since going Primal it's become so frustrating for me to see people use these stupid alternatives to healthy eating. I REALLY need to learn to not care about others' diets and lifestyle.

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    part of the problem of getting sideways with others in talking paleo/primal is that feel you've discovered something that causes you to feel great and have more energy and want to share that with others and develop sphere of like-minded people around you. But since they haven't (or won't or don't care) given it a 30-day trial to experience the same sense of energy they write you off because they're listening to CW.

    This way of eating is so contrary to CW, but you're convinced it's right, and you then see people you like/luv eating in such a harmful way you want to pass on to them what you've learned. It's tough when you learn that fructose is much the same as alcohol to the liver and kidneys and then you see a mum giving a toddler apple juice. You end up feeling you have to make yourself a bit jaded just to get along.
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    One of the lessons one eventually learns about roommates is that criticizing the person's dietary choices is really not a good idea. My roommate is a vegetarian, while my partner and I are paleo, and we simply do not discuss it because it just leads to unpleasantness in general.

    And dude, that goes double when your roomie is your ex. Of course, I also question the wisdom of being roommates with your ex in general, unless it was someone you dated once upon a time in high school or something and you're waaaaaaaaaaay past any resentments or holdover romantic stuff.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SixteenDollars View Post
    Yep, I'm 24, she's 35.
    She's 11 years older and you're trying to tell her how to eat? Oh boy~ do you have a lot to learn about women!

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    Nope, not past resentments and I still have feelings for her. She was actually getting into Primal a few months ago - reading the book and adopting the diet. But her new boyfriend, who's a complete macho meathead, talked her out of it and got her on this unhealthy shit. I just want to blow him out of the water! But yeah, you're all right. I really shouldn't be living with her still.

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