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Thread: I found a primal use for my pizza stone! Eggplant "spaghetti" page

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    I found a primal use for my pizza stone! Eggplant "spaghetti"

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    last night I successfully tried a little experiment. I love spaghetti bolognase, which I've been making with zucchini pan fried in butter (as I've not been able to get spaghetti squash in oz), thing with this is I found the zucchini didn't hold it's shape too well and didn't have that chewy texture pasta has. So last night I threw my pizza stone in the oven at the highest heat setting, let the stone heat up for about 10 mins whilst I cut out my eggplant into spaghetti strands, put them on the stone with a sprinkling of salt and baked for about 15 minutes. The result was a lovely chewy texture to go with my bolognase sauce.

    Just thought I'd put the idea out there for any ex-pasta addicts like me!

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    Did you toss the eggplant strands in oil first? Or do they not stick to the pizza stone naturally?

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