This is my first triathlon/cycling season with a new eating plan and I think I start the day of the long brick or bike ride well, my intentions are good---I use Larabars or Bonk Breakers and my custom Infinite mix. Breakfast is always a banana and either a Larabar for 'short' rides or bricks or 1/2 bagel with almond butter and a banana if the bike distance is over 50 miles. I always carry Gu and a mini-Larabar in my jersey but find that I often don't need anything but a refill on water during the rides. My problem is recovery--when I get home and the bike is all put away, all I want to do is turn the AC on high and sit in a dark body temperature remains high, I'm never quite cooled enough, and I do take cool showers and have also gone to my neighborhood pool for cool-down. This past weekend, I took a cold shower and went and soaked in the pool b/c it was a cloudy day with very low humidity: I was still sweating. My husband said I still looked flushed from the brick. Worse, all I want to do is eat and eat and eat--nothing quite fills me up. And I often eat the wrong things (non-Primal foods) that sound good in the moment, like Chipotle (rice, chicken, lettuce, guac in a bowl) or worse, pizza (we did get thin crust and 4 meats however), then an hour later I'm fishing around for more. Salty/carby seems to be the appeal.
Do I need to eat something different before/during a workout?
Is this typical recovery? I mean, I just exercised for 6 hours straight so I expect low energy... but the food choices? (Should I just say to myself, I just exercised for 6 hours, I should eat what I please...?)
While I'm typing, can anyone weigh in on Salt Sticks? When should an athlete take those? My husband says taking Nuun tablets or Salt Sticks may help, but I prefer the taste of my mix to Nuun. PS I'm in Atlanta, so think humid and hot conditions.