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Thread: What do you guys use to calculate?

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    Mark has stated in a thread that he uses FitDay. It is a good one. I have used Cron-O-Meter too and it was pretty good. I just need to track carbs, as Mark has provided us with some limits for reference to lose weight or maintain a goal.

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    I use an Excel spreadsheet, but it has evolved over time, so it's easier for me than using a tracker. If I eat a new food, I look up its nutritional info online and just add it to the spreadsheet.

    I track calories, protein, and carbs, and let the fat take care of itself.

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    I've been using lately and like it better than FitDay. Paleotrack seemed quicker and gives you a nutrition breakdown daily as well as a graphic pie chart for macros, so it's good at a glance.

    I've been tracking to try to figure out what my macros really are--over the long haul, the body composition is going along fine, but sometimes erratic. I was curious whether I was getting close to .7 to 1g protein per pound of lean body mass; for me, that's 100-145g protein per day, and I found that I wasn't making it. Also curious what the carbs and fats added up to, so it's been a good learning experience. I'm only a bit over a week in, so will probably stick it out for another couple weeks.

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    dailyburn gives you a nice pie graph of fat, carbs, and protein
    I just found this function on the myfitnesspal phone app too.

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