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    Wink Hit The SPOT!

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    So I was sitting at work enjoying my day when I started feeling a little, um, empty so to speak. Couldn't figure out why till all of a sudden I had the best idea ever. I got up, went to the kitchen at work and began to fry 15 strips of thick cut bacon. While the bacon was sizzling I was thinking of what to add to it for a side. After long thought, roughly 3 seconds, the decision was made. To hell with everything else, a bowl of thick bacon pieces sounds like heaven. 2 minutes after sitting back down the bacon was gone and holy shit did that hit the SPOT! BACON is KEY!
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    I am in awe of someone who can fry bacon at their place of business. I don't even know if I trust the filthy microwaves where I work.

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    We can't even have coffee pots at our desks, so I'm guessing that frying bacon is out where I work. It's okay, though, I never eat during working hours.
    I wish I liked to eat liver.

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    I was thinking this was something else....but bacon is a close second.
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    I scramble my eggs with bacon at the same time now. Sooooooooo good.

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    I hit the spot last night.
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