Hi Iím Antonio and I live in the Central Valley of California

Ok. Iíve been going Primal for about 2 weeks now. At my week weigh-in (I like to track my progress) I lost 4.5 lbs of body fat and gained 1.3 lbs of muscle. I have always been able to gain muscle really fast but the fat loss was a surprise. Of course Iím using a scale and who really knows whatís happening with m body composition.

The true indication really is how I feel. Here are the top 5 things I noticed:
(1) My energy level has been incredible and consistent.
(2) My pants are hanging off my butt and Iím not even a Ďgangstaí. (Waist has gotten smaller)
(3) lost all cravings for coffee and energy drinks.
4) I am a lot stronger when lifting weights; soreness doesnít last nearly as long,
(5) I find myself making certain movements I have havenít done in a long time. Like jumping over things, bending over without have to lift my other leg for balance, etc, etc.

The bad,
1. That breath has to go!
2. I love running and feel good. Going to have to slow down more often but it just doesnít feel the same.
3. I miss having a margarita on weekends

Hope this motivates someone
til next timeÖ