I have been eating paleo/primal for about a month now. Not really that strict and last weekend I even had beer, cake and pizza. Didn't beat myself up over it but I just hopped back on the wagon and Monday went back to eating healthy. My body composition is changing and people are starting to notice. Down 4 belt loops and about 4 lbs. Gaining muscle from Crossfit so I have probably lost more lbs in fat than 4 but I am not dwelling on weight loss anyway.

Here is my dilemma. My sister has been steadily gaining weight since her late 20s and has been hitting Weight Watchers and all of the other conventional means of eating "healthy". She has had two miscarriages in the last year, back problems and she is always talking about how she needs to lose weight. Against my better judgment, I shared with her Mark's Daily Apple and Robb Wolf's book with advice that she should read them both and just try it for 3-4 weeks. I say against my better judgment because talking about diet and exercise are about as polarizing as politics and religion. Oh my goodness what a mistake! The thought of taking away her bran muffin and cheerios is like telling her you are taking away her right to breathe. I got the response of, "That's just too difficult." or "I don't have time to eat that way." and "I will feel terrible if I don't eat bread." It's amazing how strong the sugar addiction is and how people would rather starve themselves through calorie deficit programs like Weight Watchers and feel terrible all day than give up a few foods that are robbing them of their energy. She is also going back to her spin class which is where she hurt herself to begin with which is even more frustrating.

Nothing is more frustrating than hearing people talk about how they are trying to lose weight and feel better and when they ask your advice and you give it, they discard it as a "fad" diet and exercise program. I just want to seriously SLAP people in the face and say "Hey complainer, remember when I was 25lbs heavier and couldn't walk around the block without sweating profusely? You asked me how I lost weight, I am telling you and you still don't want to do it." Stop bitching about being fat and unhappy if you are unwilling to change it. You can't have your whole grains and eat them too. That's just the way it is.