i've been reading the forum for months and you guys are so helpful

I'm confused on the advice to give my husband so hoping you guys can help me out

He is 34 yo, 5'10 180 lbs. Not terribly overweight but can stand to lose 10-15 lbs.

I think more so is that he does NOT exercise. This morning he went for a run/walk and did a mile and a half. He'll do some bench presses, pull ups and situps occassionally but its not regular. His idea of exercise is a 15-20 minute walk and his fast walk is slower than my stroll. (i wish he had the love for exercise I do)

anyways.... his diet is terrrible. he eats what he wants. for breakfast he'll have a container of greek yogurt with the fruit in it and a cereal bar or peice of fruit

lunch is a salad i make him or wrap with cold cuts/cheese/mayo- which isn't much at all

and dinner is what i make but he'll snack on junk all night

His doctor was worried about his cholesterol

his total is 208
Triglycerdes are 220
HDL 42
LDL is 122

He wants to eat grilled chicken everyday and take fish oil pills(per doctor- that was the guys only advice YEAH!)

help me explain what he should be doing to improve his numbers.

Thanks so much