Hi everyone.

First, while I have tried PB before, I am not currently practicing.

Today, I found out that I have moved from pre-diabetic to diabetic. This is after a year of taking Metformin, a drug meant to help control blood glucose. Of course, during the same time, I ate tons of fried foods and other bad foods, as much as I liked, without regard for my help.

I am 334 pounds, 5'10, female, and 31 years old.

I'm scared and don't know whether I should just try a lower calorie diet, or whether I should try PB again.

Regardless of what I choose, I am not able to spend a fortune on uncured bacon, grass fed beef, and organic arugula. So if buying fancy, "Whole Foods" type groceries is required, I might as well not even bother. That said, I have what lots of wealthy people don't, and that is time. I am able to prepare meals myself and I do not need to rely on convenience foods.

The last time I tried PB, I was way, way more interested in eating eggs scrambled in bacon grease than I was in eating salads. However, I do like fruits and vegetables and am willing to eat them.

P.S. I just joined a gym yesterday. I'm the type that likes to do a vigorous 30 minutes on elliptical. My understanding is that cardio such like that is frowned upon on span. Thoughts?