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Thread: Just diagnosed with Diabetes

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    I am a 245lb, 5'5" female. I have been type II diabetic for seven years sitting on the edge of diabetic and prediabetic. I'm not the best about following primal but when I do I do see good result. My post prandial numbers go down right away and keep drifting down. My AM blood sugar slowly creeps down over several weeks. Within a week the fungal skin crud that diabetics can get vanished. I do have permission from my endo to discontinue my metformin and losartin(BP med) when my numbers are down to a normal level. I do grocery store primal because I am feeding a family of five, with occasional visits to the farmers market and U-picks. I also have a small vegie garden. I was already cooking from scratch due to my sons allergy to all forms of corn and corn derivatives. I'm not much of a salad person myself, but enjoy a good meat and veggie stir fry(no rice).

    I walk three to four times a week briskly around three miles so far and do body resistance exercises(Marks exercises), some physical therapy exercises for my back and hand weights twice a week. I don't do sprints at the moment because the whiplash from the flab would take me out :-p Actually I'm not really fit enough to do them and would set off an asthma attack.

    I haven't lost a lot of weight, but I haven't exactly been working that hard at it either. I do find I do need to count calories to lose weight and keep it under about 1500. I also have thyroid issues(treated) that make losing weight a little more challenging.

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    take your life back!

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    Yup...low carb primal all the way. Good luck.

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    I am very overweight right now too. Your main concern should be to get your eating in order, create a decent calorie deficit and lose the weight. No real reason to exercise at this point to be honest. You are just going to put a lot of stress on your body and you might end up eating more after you exercise. If primal foods are going to help you keep a caloric deficit, do that. If it would be easier to eat some non primal foods while keeping a deficit, do that. The most important thing to do is to lose the weight...everything else is secondary.

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    Nothing to add to the terrific advice here, so I'll just welcome you back, and cheer you on. Jump into primal! You don't have to worry about the minutia -- ditch the grains, limit the processed foods, wash your fresh produce carefully, and eat whole foods whenever possible. Walk whenever you can, and enjoy the sunshine on your face. You can reclaim your health.

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    You should keep in mind that this process does not have to be all-or-nothing.

    Moderating your carbs with whole foods via primal/paleo is a great strategy for a diabetic and I think you'll be saving your own life by going for it. But remember that almost anything that you do and keep doing, even if you slip up sometimes is going to keep you alive and walking under your own power for longer.

    That's the goal here, right: stick to something, anything, that will keep you alive and able to enjoy life.

    Losing even 5% of your weight will give most type 2 diabetics noticeable improvements in blood sugar control, blood pressure, and joint stress. If primal/paleo gets you there, fantastic, because you'll probably see more improvement than average. But if just plain portion control or cutting sodas/sweets does it, that's victory for you too.

    That means whatever routine you choose to get your health back on track, if you slip up by eating one donut or a dozen donuts, brush your teeth or drink a glass of water and start over right then. If you miss a walk, find something you can do to keep the ritual going, even if it's a lot shorter. Don't write off the day to wait for tomorrow to try again. It's the keep going part that matters.

    That's a silver lining to your being in a tough spot right now. Anything you do is going to help. Anything you do is victory.

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    I have type II diabetes also, diagnosed 2007. I wasn't displaying any of the classic symptoms but I was overweight and my doc just had a hunch. I remember the shock and being told to eat starchy carbs at every meal which is just the worst advice ever for someone with diabetes.

    Best advice I can give is to cut out sugar, sweeteners and anything containing them as well as refined carbs. From there you can tweak things as you learn more. You can still have fries using swede (rutabaga) and turnip for example.

    I find that the German discount supermarkets Aldi and Lidl have really keen prices and maybe you live somewhere you could take up fishing ? Maybe you can grow your own veg ?

    Just take it step by step x

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    Diet works, just give it a try and you'll see things will straighten up. For some it happens real quick, it's harder for others but health improvement is worth the effort the patience and the struggle -yes, some of us struggle sometimes. It works, it can really change your life and give you a brighter, exciting and full of energy future.
    You'll just need sometime to adjust but as long as you remember you're not on this alone you'll do just fine.
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    You've already gotten plenty of good advice, but I wanted to chime in a bit on food quality. I do think people still see an improved health outcome even if they can only afford the cheapest factory-farmed food. If that's the boat you're in (and I've been there myself) then my advice is leaner meats with other good added fats, like Issanjose said, plus minimizing the foods that have the highest pesticide load. This list should help. I don't know where you live, but around here some of the best food deals come from the local Asian markets or other 'ethnic' shops.

    If you have a little more slack than that, then there are ways to increase the quality without paying top price. Farmers markets can be good. They vary place to place. Pro tip: The markets where I live slash the prices in the last half hour. You get less choice, but you can get some great bargains. Then there are CSAs for produce and sometimes even meat. This site can help you search for options in your area. If you have a freezer, you can look for ranchers in your area that will sell you pastured meat in bulk, too.

    Depending on where you live, if it's rural or close to rural, you might find local people who sell eggs to their neighbors or are willing to sell or barter game. Plus, if you're inclined, you can try learning to hunt or fish yourself if you don't do so already!

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    Primal eating is the most sustainable way of eating I have ever tried. Dive right in and eliminate crappy oils, grains, excess sugar and eat lots of meats, fats, veggies, and some fruit. It is very rare that I feel deprived eating this way.

    And remember - don't let perfect be the enemy of good. You do NOT have to be perfect. Just eat primal foods for most of your meals. If you have some crappy food, don't punish yourself or feel panicked. Just make your next meal primal and you're go to go
    Using low lectin/nightshade free primal to control autoimmune arthritis. (And lost 50 lbs along the way )

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