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    I eat like a lumberjack: rich, hearty, meaty meals made from scratch out of whole ingredients. Usually a big plate of bacon & eggs for breakfast, and some kind of heavy, filling, creamy soup, stew, or roast for dinner. I eat as much as I want and don't gain weight, because it's real food and fills you up. And since you feel full, you don't eat any more than you need. I avoid sugars, grains, and processed foods. Why would I want to eat any of that stuff when the food I eat is so much more delicious, emotionally & physically satisfying, healthy, and hearty?

    Meat, eggs, vegetables, and butter: It'll put hair on your chest! (and you'll lose weight)

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    Sorry, but I have it easy. I live in one of the original gimme-the-meat-screw-the-veggies places, and they just don't care what veggies I have on my plate or not as long as the FLESH is there. So, very few comments as far as the locals go. I am a stay-at-home mom as well, so no break room / desk problems, either.

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    Whenever I try to call myself, I get a busy signal. *shrug*

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    I get a lot of "Hey slim" or "Where's the other half of you?" comments followed by people asking if I'm on a diet. Depending on whether or not they really care, the answer can range from "I have made permanent improvements to my diet and increased my exercise" to "I don't eat processed, refined, or manufactured foods aside from bacon and butter. I walk a lot, lift weights on occasion, and sprint every once in a while and have never felt better." with "I live like a cave man." somewhere in between.
    I wish I liked to eat liver.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wanderlust View Post
    Conversation usually ends with, "which one of us has a six-pack? Must be doing something right."
    This... times a GAJILLION. I also usually toss in a few hand-stand push ups to seal the point.

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    If I'm talking to someone about food I don't talk about the foods I don't eat because I feel I come across as some kind of fussy elitist eater. It's better to talk about foods you really like do like to see if you have any similarities. But I guess it really just depends on who I'm speaking to.

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    I say I'm grain and sugar free, and eat real whole foods.
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    I eat fatty meat and vegetables, sometimes fruit, occasionally nuts.

    It's a lot easier than saying I don't eat grains including corn, no soy, no legumes including peanuts, no dairy and no PUFAs.

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    I haven't been asked much, but I usually just tell others that I am eating unprocessed food.

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