Okay. That may be misleading but it's also true. I have been practicing this paleo lifestyle for about 15 months and it's been an amazing transformation. I weigh now at 40 years of age less then I did in High School. My highest recorded weight was 218 pounds. But here is the funny thing, that weight was hanging on almost 6' 5" of frame so it never really seemed like i was obese and certainly not by 50lbs.
Fast forward to today. My stats are now 168lbs 7.8% body fat and yet I still have stubborn fat sitting on my abdomen and back. It frustrates me to no end. I'm now buckling down and using all the tools in the chest to try and eliminate it once and for all. I guess the thing this has taught me is that most everyone I know is actually fat!!! I know I was for at least 20 years and never thought I could maintain this weight but thanks to paleo I'm not only maintaining I'm actually improving. This really has been a life changing experience and one that stirs my passions deeply. I have purchased half a dozen copies of the 21 day challenge and constantly loaning out my personal copy. When I see the results I'm always inspired by what this way of living can actually achieve.

Anyway. I'm rambling a bit but seriously if you have any tips on how I can rid myself of the stubborn stuff I would love to hear it. I am sort of resigned to the fact that it may just take a long time to finally melt away.

Also I'm curious to know I'f you have also hit a lower weight than you had before living a paleo lifestyle.