Ok so I did a really dumb thing. Last week I went on vacation (as some of you know.) We generally ate good food, home-made, relatively Primal. However, there was a lot of home-made bread, cookies and doughnuts at the campsite/festival, and loads of booze.

With that being said, I'm sick.

Head cold, stuffy nose, sinus pressure. ZERO appetite.

Yesterday I managed a cup of kefir and frozen berries, and a bell pepper at lunch.
Today, 30-some hours later, I forced down a pork chop. Meat tasted like crap, but the fat was good to me.

Otherwise it's been bottles of Sobe Lifewater (Zero-cal) just to keep fluid. It goes down 1000x easier than water or tea right now.

Just kind of curious if anyone else has been through this. I'm ok with taking advantage of this repulsion for food to drop some fat, but I don't want to lose muscle too. The trick is finding something my body will agree to let me swallow. I'm sort of freaking out because I'm only about a month from Warrior Dash, and I'm totally not prepared for it physically. This sickness is really cutting into any potential training time.

Or do I just ride it out and hope for the best?