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Thread: Frequency of getting sick increased on primal? page 2

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    I started working in a hospital in July 2011, and was sick from then until March 2012 when I started primal. I was literally at some stage of sickness the entire time as my body adjusted to being around sick people constantly. As soon as I started primal, I haven't so much as sneezed. I love this way of life for all the little reasons like this.

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    Could be the carb flu you're going through.

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    True... carb flu tends to get to people when they first get on paleo.

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    Carb flu can cause fever and sore throat? I was a raw vegan before switching to primal, so I don't even think I've altered my carb intake by a whole lot since switching.

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    No - carb flu would not cause fever or sore throat.

    It is likely just a co-incidence. Are you taking D3 or D2? I would take extra D3 for a few days.
    Using low lectin/nightshade free primal to control autoimmune arthritis. (And lost 50 lbs along the way )

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    I rarely got sick before Primal, but haven't had so much as a minor sniffle in the year & a half since I kicked grains & sugar. I used to get an annoying cough every winter that would last for weeks and now that I think about it, that didn't happen last winter either.

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    Quote Originally Posted by palebluedots View Post
    I'm just wondering if anyone has noticed any difference in how often they catch colds or flus eating this way? I have been vegan for the last 12 years, and I seriously cannot even remember the last time I caught a bug or a flu of any sort. I've been eating primal for a month now, and just today I can tell I'm getting sick. Fever, sore throat, the works. Of course I can't help wondering if my dietary changes are linked to it. Anyone have thoughts?
    It's possible it could be some sort of detox/healing reaction from giving your body the food it needs to heal. I'm guessing you were lacking in certain vitamins that you can't get from being vegan, and now that you're getting them, your body is adjusting. Give it time, it's probably a good thing. In the meantime, I'd suggest lots of bone broth.
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    On very bad CW (I gained 10 kgs in couple of years at one point) and as a teenager I used to have sore throat and colds all the time. Well, like something serious 5-6 times a year and 10 more minor ones. When I cleaned up my diet and lost weight (first just with CW but whole foods only), I had few sore throats that usually went away within a day. Since I am on strict paleo (three months or so now), I haven't had as much as a tiny one. Now I even try to expose myself to more cold intentionally - previously it wouls have landed me a sore throat within hours.
    Hope it sorts out quickly for you!

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    I was sick a lot on very low carb, yes.

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    I now have major hair loss and lots of seasonal allergies that I never had hair is really falling out in chunks. Doesn't matter as I have very thick hair, but a bit freaky. And yeah, now I have to take claritin for runny nose and ITCHY eyes to get through the day- never before, and I'm 38. Not really keen on that one.

    That said, we only caught two bugs this winter, as opposed to the usual 1000. My kids are in preschool, they are germ mills. Could have been the very mild winter though, I think everyone around us has been doing fairly good. (besides of the clorox-freak moms- man, they are ALWAYS sick).

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