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Thread: The Men Who Made Us Fat

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    I finally watched all the episodes that I could find on Youtube. Slow internet connections over here made it a slow and tedious project. The part about the history of HFCS, artificial fats, etc, was pretty good. However, I thought the overall tone of the videos took away personal responsibility for individual choices.

    While no doubt mistakes were made, or perhaps not mistakes but business decisions that they knew were bad and made them for profit, nobody was forced to eat junk, Super Size anything or eat fast-food. It was all decisions that people made, perhaps decisions based on bad information but still their decisions.

    Knowledge is power and the keys to not getting fat have always been out there and the internet has greatly increased the capacity for people to access that knowledge.

    The information as to the hazards of smoking are well known and have been known for decades, yet people still choose to smoke.

    The information on how to be healthy have been out there also, but people have made the choice to eat junk instead of decent food.

    And before someone jumps in with the medical CW thing, while I have great problems with what the medical establishment has become but I don't think that you could find one doctor that would tell a patient that fast-food was good for them. They might say to follow the revolting food pyramid but beyond saying a once a month treat or something, I don't think any medical professional would advise a patient to eat from fast-food places on a regular basis.

    End of the day, it is all about personal choices.
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    Thanks for letting us know the next epsiode is out.
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