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Thread: Bike Seat Damage

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    I bought a new bike a couple of years ago and the seat on it was wrong. I went in to the shop to buy a different seat and for some reason I could not find a good way to explain to the bike mechanic what the issue was. He grudgingly agreed to swap it for one with the groove down the middle, and lo! the problem was over. Much later a reasonable phrase came to mind: "It's putting my crotch to sleep!" For the life of me I couldn't think how to explain it at the time without feeling awkward.
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    Sometimes the problem can be resolved or prevented by careful adjustment of seat angle. I know this by negative experience - I went on a metric century one weekend after switching to Scott DH bars. I neglected to adjust the angle of the seat a little bit downwards to compensate for the greater forward lean. I had no feeling in the bits until sometime the following Thursday. Scary sruff.

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