I am seeing this all over the place. My vegan friends, who have been vegan for a long time and I have never said, "you shouldn't do that' are suddenly lecturing me about my diet, my mother thinks I am going to die, and some of my clients now spend more time talking about food than they do about horses (no, we never discuss horses FOR food). Apparently, "I feel great, have more energy than I have had in years and have lost eight pounds in ten days." doesn't mean anything. I also see it here. There are so many threads where people are doing everything they can to shoot holes in the primal lifestyle choice.

And isn't that what this is? A CHOICE? Don't make it if you don't agree with it, but don't pretend that that other diet choices are magically better than the one I have made.

I am getting kind of crabby about defending this thing, can you tell?? I eat SO much better than I ever did before. How can giving up processed foods be BAD? Or choosing to live off of whole foods? Oh, I know...it's the scary MEAT!!! I am now eating grass fed, hormone and antibiotic free, chicken, pork and beef instead of the CRAP I used to eat, but it doesn't matter to most of these people. It is weird how defensive people get if you say "Dairy really isn't all that good for you and neither are cereal grains."

If you are a happy, healthy vegan...go team!! If you are a happy, healthy vegetarian...good for you!! If you are a happy, healthy eater of simple carbs and fast food...Ok, I think you are fooling yourself, but what has it got to do with me???

What is it about this that threatens other people to the point that they will waste large portions of their time trying to denigrate it??