I've been primal for about 3 years now. I'm a 5'10" 32 year old male, and I've lost about 40lbs during this time. The first year was more significant, and I've maintained around 180lbs +- 5lbs for about 2 years. I still have some fat on my gut and chest, and also on my sides. I want to take it to the next level and be leaner and bigger/stronger. My typical routine is as follows;

I usually eat about 2500 calories. My workouts consist of weighted pull-ups, push-ups and hill sprints. Typically 6 reps is max, then I add weight. I also play tennis and ball hockey, and generally walk an hour a day. A sample for a workout day;

- fasted workout
- 2 cans of tuna or 2 chicken breasts, banana, coconut water
- salmon or steak with large salad, sweet potatoe
- bacon, eggs, chicken as "snacks" throughout.
- veggies throughout
- blueberries
- greek yogurt
- 7 to 8 hours sleep

On rest days I usually go for a higher fat (50-60%) percentage and keep the carbs in the 50 to 100 zone.

I've found that if I reduce calories from that, say -300, I lean out but lose lots of muscle. If I increase any from that, I gain muscle but also considerable fat. I'm finding it very difficult to add muscle and not a significant amount of fat.

Any suggestions? I've added muscle mass before, but it came at the expense of significant fat.