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Thread: Becoming the example and leaving everyone in the dust...

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    Quote Originally Posted by primalprincess7 View Post
    I hear ya on the F-'em....just do your thing and everyone else can kiss your healthy, toned, primal ass lol
    Yeah, they really need to start putting a "like" button on these forums!

    After I posting this and letting it sink in, I realized my biggest fear out of all was working this way of living in with my husband -- who hates change. I'm not going to lie. It was fun as heck slamming down a few beers and sharing a pizza while watching a game together.

    But finally I actually *gasp* talked to him he told me that one of the things he loves about me is how I do go against the grain (no pun intended) and that I'm just that little bit different. Truly going primal is something he'd expect from me, nothing less.

    He was also pretty cool when I pushed the envelope a bit and told him there isn't much room in the food budget for white bread and Tastycakes -- if he wants those, they have to come out of his own funds. And he's cool with that.

    It's going to be a whole new journey for me and for us -- one I'm incredibly excited (and a little scared, but not fearful) about.

    And since I've just been through the carb flu and PMS at the same time, I'm taking him out of a date tonight to the movies to see The Avengers. It's totally not my thing, but just a little way of saying thank you.

    As for anyone else in my life, they can just deal.

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    but yinz are all cool>>

    I knew you were from PA when I read this. lol

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