DH was eating S.A.D. and had these cholesterol numbers back in March:

HDL - 36
LDL - 157
Triglycerides - 227

(Didn't get the VLDL or C-Reactive Protein)

He agreed to go primal 100% six weeks ago and has stuck to it faithfully (he does snack on nuts and dried fruit as he pleases, but eats all home-cooked paleo/primal food, no more fast food, no more gluten/grain/refined sugars).

Today he had his follow-up bloodwork results after 6 weeks of this changed diet.

HDL - 42
LDL - 174
Triglycerides - 199

I'm guessing that the LDL increased due to it converting to 'larger fluffier' particles, and the drop in Trig is excellent - though I'm not clear on how quickly cholesterol levels can change and how long it takes for them to approach healthy levels. I'm thinking that those numbers are pretty good, but his dr. told him he has to go on medication/it's probably genetic (those are so NOT 'genetic cholestrol levels' IMO) and when DH asked for some literature/research on different drugs the dr. read him the riot act about 'trusting the professionals'.