Hi all

New to Primal, in fact started this morning. I purchased 21 Days last night on my Kindle and read pretty much all of it. I know Mark says to start on a Monday, and today is Tuesday, but I was very keen. So my question is, I only have about 5kg (or 11 pounds) to lose so has anyone else lost a smaller amount of weight easily on PBP? I have tried so many other plans, restricting calories, increasing exercise and I just can't shift that last 5kg. I had a delicious breakfast of scrambled eggs with olives and bacon and I'm so full now. Also, with the whole insulin thing, does anybody consume coffee? I know coffee can cause insulin resistance, would love to give it up but find it too hard, headaches etc...maybe it will be easier once I have converted to completely primal? Look forward to hearing from someone. Thanks.