Apparently there is a tonne of research against our diet, and a tonne of research for our diet. So why is mark right? When one doctor ("help debating with vegans" thread) says eating meat is bad, why do we not believe him? Obviously a doctor would do some sort of research before making such a bold statement. I also noticed that no one really replied to that thread with a real answer, just "ignore them" answers. One day theres a study that comes out saying something is bad, the next theres a study that says its good. How do you decide who or what study to believe? why cant the world get its shit straight and figure it out? So what makes mark right and what makes everyone else wrong? What makes primal research right and all other research wrong? AND, if all this other research is wrong, why is it wrong and why are the people doing these studies trying to destory the world? You have to assume these studies are being done for the greater good, so why would they, mark or anyone else, lie?