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Thread: Familial hyperlipedemia

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    Familial hyperlipedemia

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    What do you do if you genetically make too much cholesterol? My endrocrinologist wants me to take a low dose of statins since I am type 2 diabetic -I am not overweight - I have not responded to diet and exercise. My cholesterol levels are still very elevated 270 to 280 with high (170s LDL) and decent HDL 60s. He says if I wasnt diabetic he wouldnt be as concerned with stroke etc. My father (who also was type 2 diabetic and never overweight) started having strokes in his 40's and died at an early age of 64. I take after him in regard to my health profile. I don't want to have strokes and dementia - I also know that lowering cholesterol too much can actually make dementia worse (our brains need fat).
    Anyone have any suggestions? Thank you!

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    I wouldn't care for statins if my cholesterol was that low, I go by 400/600 if I drop the damn pills. Can't you get a more accurate test to understand why your numbers add up? If the problem is that receptors in your liver fail to clean up oxidized LDL from your bloodstream to reduce new cholesterol production might be -at it's best- of no use.

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