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Thread: BEST primal "on the go" snacks?

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    BEST primal "on the go" snacks?

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    I'll be going to the mountains for about 5 days. I will have access to a fridge, microwave, and coffee pot. However, snacks/foods that do not have to be refrigerated are also welcome(since I'll be hiking a lot, I will need to take dry snacks with me. I'll have access to a fridge and microwave only when I am in the hotel) Also, I am trying to lose about 10 pounds, so I would love to avoid snacks that might interfere with weight loss(like nuts).

    So far what I have thought about are pork rinds, canned tuna, and dried fruit. But I was wondering what the primal community's stance is on dried fruit. I was thinking of getting some dried berries(goji berries, blueberries, etc) and taking those on my hikes. Are dried fruits OKAY as long as there is no added sugar? Or should I stick with fresh fruit?(I can refrigerate the fresh fruit, but won't be able to take it on my hike).

    The mountains that I am going to are a pretty touristy area for the most part, so I'd really like to plan ahead and bring all my food with me instead of dining out because I know that there probably won't be any primal approved restaurants at all....

    Thank you for any suggestions you have. I truly appreciate it.

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    Boiled eggs, and jerky (particularly if you can make your own) or simply cooked meat (like browned ground beef). Since you will be expending gazillion calories, dried fruits and nuts are going to be just fine. Fresh veggies keep as well as fruit, btw and just as easy to take along. When we go on a day trip, I pack a huge container with leftover cooked meats, boiled eggs, cheese and lotsa veggies. Cold fried ground beef is amazingly good, actually.
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    Both dried fruits and nuts are high calorie. I think they're fine in moderation, especially if you're being quite active. I think most fresh fruits can make it through a day hike without being in the fridge.

    In general I prefer not to snack, but there are times during a long hike when I essentially need lunch. Then it's jerky and some nuts if I'm camping. If it's just a day hike, then eggs and other meats, like Leida said, are great. You can get an insulated pouch and put a cold pack in it if you like.

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    My body fat is my favorite snack. I might be weird, but I love the taste of cold bacon, which goes well with boiled eggs.
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