Hi All,

I am very new to Primal having only started two weeks ago but I am having a few doubts. I would normally be quite active and I am fighting with the idea of running so slowly.... (ie within the suggested heart rate min/max) I just feel I am getting nothing from my usual runs. In addition, I jumped on the scales this morning and I have put weight on!!! This is not good.

I initially started because I was having so many stomach problems - bloating etc and felt generally tired and unmotivated. I googled my symptoms and the primal diet came up. Having read Mark's book I felt inspired to do something different. I do feel better but I can't believe I have put weight on - is this normal?

I will keep going but I have to say I feel a bit disappointed.

Oh, I haven't official introduced myself on the forum yet as I am not sure if I am going to stay Primal - I need some inspiration????