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Thread: Primal Journal (Mike Zentz)

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    Primal Journal (Mike Zentz) - My Jungle, My Gym

    Greetings Everyone,

    My wife and I went Primal about a month ago and we feel great. I am not overweight, I chose this diet because it sounded ridiculously healthy. I would actually prefer to gain some weight.

    I am a former Marine and endurance athlete. I'm 5'8" weighing in at 140. I don't look muscular or lean I just look skinny. My goal is to gain 15lbs and develop a little more muscular looking physique. Below is a picture of my balding self. Hopefully someday I can call it a before.


    I will post occasional meals and recipes, but mostly I will focus on fitness. This will not last 30 days it will last until I achieve success.

    Mike Zentz
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