Yes. Hello. I am journaling. With my fingers. On my laptop.

PRIMAL! I have just discovered it.

Ooh HOO! Say I. I'm poking it with a stick and giving it a massive college try. I've promised my friend Katie to follow the Primal lifestyle until my birthday. (July 24; send bacon.)

Right now, today, it is the 24th of June. I cut out grains on the 18th of June.

I am the newbiest newb of all Primal newbs. I am a very excited newb.

I never had any idea that cutting out all grains would be so easy for me. I mean, my head ached for three days. But I have not been hungry. I have lost 5.5 lbs. And now the headache is gone.

I mean, I went camping for three days and was able to stick with this. AAAAAAAAAAAAH!

Today I began working on level one pull ups, and I just about lost my head with excitement. I mean, lookie here! There's a path! A path to pull ups! If I follow the path, one day I too shall do a pull up!

That seemed impossible a week ago. Today I told my husband that on the day I perform a pull up, I'll go rock climbing with him.

STATS: Starting weight 223 lbs.
Current weight 217.5 lbs.

(About me: new mom of a tiny little infant son. Piano and voice teacher. Adoring wife. Will be 32 next month.)