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Thread: Bad Breath Basics

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    My cousin was involved w/ studies at a major dental teaching hospital that showed dry brushing to be more effective than toothpaste. Not sure if they were ever published. From my own experience flossing is just as if not more important than the actual brushing. 50 years, no cavities yet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PrimalMember View Post
    My mouth health was getting progressively worse as I was buying the more "advanced" and stronger whitening toothpastes. I was also getting a lot of black build up between my teethe, especially in the front, that needed to be cleaned off by the dentist at least a couple times a year - shocking that expensive dental care would lead to even more dental care, I know.

    I switched to an aloe-based organic brand that's fluoride free and my breath is much better, I no longer have a the toothpaste residue that seemed to hang around for 2 hours in my mouth, and the black buildup on my teeth went away. You can use just straight aloe from an aloe plant too (and also bottled aloe?), but I like the ease of the current gel I use.

    It's so amazing that the problems go away when you give up trying to fix them with conventional wisdom!
    This is what i yearn for. I hate the taste of toothpaste in my mouth after brushing my teeth. Totally kills the taste of whatever i had for breakfast! Is Aloe Vera prooven to be effective for long term dental health though?

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    What do you mean by long-term dental health? Is it going to provide all of the cures toothpaste manufacturers claim? I don't know. I do know that my teeth feel clean and look whiter than they ever have before and I don't buy the fluoride claims of toothpaste manufacturers and the associated dental industry. It's very similar to the medical industry. Use their products and treatment, need more of their products and treatment. Avoid it all and live healthy and happy.

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    I brush less and my teeth are becoming yellower. How do all you no toothpaste lot fix that?

    Quote Originally Posted by Kingofturtles View Post
    Sometimes this site goes a bit over board with the "down with conventional wisdom. Lets all be hippies. Everything is a conspiracy" thing. I know people that dont use tooth paste. I know they dont cause their breath smells like dog shit.
    Because paleo is just the tip of the iceberg. Do you own research and make up your own mind. Don't dismiss things out of hand because some of the adherents (usually the vocal minority) are idiots.
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    So here's what I've been doing since about 2 months ago, when I ran out of my last bottle of OraMD essential oil mixture.

    I use a metal tongue scraper to gently scrape my tongue til it looks nice & pink & clean. Then I floss with thick waxed floss as my teeth are tight & the thin stuff breaks. Then I brush my teeth with a soft toothbrush dipped in a generous amount of baking soda. I wet the toothbrush so lots of baking soda sticks to it. I then brush my tongue & rinse. Then I put one drop of the following essential oils on my toothbrush: oregano, tea tree oil, clove & spearmint. That KICKS ASS, kills all 24 varieties of bacteria that grow in the mouth & throat. It also serves as a serious breath freshener & throat treatment as I swallow some at the end.

    The entire process takes me about 4-5 minutes. I used to have bleeding & sore gums (a precursor to periodontal disease) & a couple of sensitive/painful teeth. All that has been gone & a non-issue for many years, since using OraMD (proprietary blend of super high grade spearmint, peppermint & almond essential oils) &/or these other essential oils I listed above. The baking soda keeps my teeth from yellowing (I eat a lot of turmeric, in smoothies & in Thai & Indian curries I make at home).
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