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Thread: What weight kettlebell should I buy? to strengthen my back (prevent injury

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    HA HA HA Drmike! I guess if it would make me billions of dollars I'd be an expert in every training form too!

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    Quote Originally Posted by KimT View Post
    Female responding, but have 7 years kb expereience as certified coach through the IKFF. It truly depends on your fitness and flexibility level. I used to train a big guy, could lift a lot of weight, but couldn't do swings for any amount of time with a 25 pound bell due to back/glute/hamstring/hip flexor tightness. On the flip side, I trained a lady in her 60's that was to the point of using a 53 pound bell for all her swings. The other day we did a workout that had swings in it. My husband used a 106 pound bell and I used a 70. It truly depends on your ability. Maybe try to find a gym with bells that you can experiment with. Be sure to get proper instruction (not Bob Harper or Jillian Michaels DVD's), get your technique, then decide what weight to buy. A lot of trainers have their own bells, so maybe find one in your area and take a class or two to get a feel for it. Check either the IKFF, WKC, or RKC. Different styles, but usually reputable trainers. I see you are in NY, depending on the area, I have a friend in NYC that trains.
    Exactly what I said/implied/alluded to.

    KimT wrote: I agree with June68 on the lighter being counter-productive to a point. If the person, even a beginner, is somewhat strong, the body needs a weight that is heavy enough to register on the muscles and get the body to do the proper technique. Lots of times people will "muscle" through a swing and do a front shoulder raise instead of the hip pop. In all my training, 2 certs, multiple seminars with tops in the field, if someone isn't picking up on the technique, they always give them a heavier weight.
    Pretty much agree with this, too.
    All the best!


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    I've started recently doing 2-handed swings only. Began doing 35 lbs 3x30 with 2-3 minutes rest between sets. Progressively increased it to 50-swings per set. 35-lbs is the heaviest bell my gym has. I then read about Tabatas and decided to do the swings 20-seconds on, ten seconds rest, ten sets. Did these 3 x per weight lift day. Totally different dynamic. Soon I had to drop down to a 30 lb bell and only 2 Tabatas per weight lift day due to forearm soreness. I think how you use them, number of swings per set and rest between sets will impact the weight you need starting out. Get the workout plan then choose the weight that doesn't get you hurt as you learn. Over time, you will acquire more bells. To useful not too. They have been terrific for my shoulders, abs and low back.

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    Bob and Jillian have done amazing work for weight loss on biggest loser but not all of us have 6 hours a day to workout. Little things like work and kids and the real world always seem to interfere

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    KimT has the right idea.

    Your paramount concern should be seeking out some professional instruction. No matter what weight you buy, it ain't gonna be good for your back when you use it wrong.

    Know your limits. Then shatter them.

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    If you're doing 2-handed swings, I would recommend googling Tim Ferris and his do it yourself kettlebell replacement. I've been suing mine for about a year. The parts cost about $10. I'm not sure what the max weight is for it, but I've been doing four 25 pound plates

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    Thanks FitMountain. I've spent a bit of time with the bells for general workouts and as a kb sport competitor and it was concerning when I started since I'd had previous back surgery. It's truly important to do it right. Once the technique is good, you can do a multitude of things like pace2race said. It truly is amazing the amount of ways you can find to use them.

    And Drmike I will somewhat disagree on the Bob and Jillian doing good things on the Biggest Loser idea. I don't watch the show often, but I've seen it. While I give them credit for the fact that millions have started to get their butts off the couch, I am somewhat shocked by the means in which they portray these people working out. Some of the exercises being shown are downright ridiculous and a highly trained athlete would never perform, let alone someone new to working out and obese. The best was Jillian holding a guys ankles, like doing a wheelbarrow race, and he was walking with his hands on a moving treadmill. He face planted and rolled off into a heap on the floor. I don't consider that smart or beneficial to anyone, but they have the ratings. That's not even mentioning the horror stories that have come from past contestants about how terrible the experience was and how nasty, demeaning, and horrible they were. Like forcing them to workout with injuries, even though they weren't cleared by the docs. I truly have no respect for them.

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    I was being a bit sarcastic about Bob and Jillian the entire concept of biggest loser is stupid.

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    I went to the gym and picked out the largest and heaviest KB on the rack.
    It is the green one. 28kg / 61lbs.

    The ONLY KB exercise I like is the basic 2-handed swing.
    I can't stand any of the other gimmicky things like snatches (that bash your wrist)
    If there is too much technique involved, I am not interested.

    So, the first set I did about 20 2-handed swings, and did sets of 10 after.
    I really had to exert myself, and felt my entire core tightening.
    I think this is a good weight for me.

    But, I will use this one at the gym for a few weeks to see if I outgrow it.
    If I do, I will get something like 70 or 80lbs. (32 to 36kg)

    Product: First Place Vinyl Coated Kettlebells

    Walmart seems to have the best prices on KB's, by far. 60lbs for $77
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    OnlyBodyWeight, great that you found a gym that had some for you try so you'll know what you are in the market for. You can always progress to one arm swings, alterenating swings, or use a glove to really tax the grip and make you work if it gets light. The snatches do require a ton of technique to get to the point you don't bash the arms. If all you plan on doing is swings, then the cheap ones will work fine. When you start doing cleans, presses, and snatches, they don't work so well from a comfort standpoint. Good luck!

    Sorry Drmike, didn't get the sarcasm in the post. Sorry about the unnecessary rant then.

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