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Thread: PRObiotics supplemention

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    PRObiotics supplemention

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    Anybody know of a brand of probiotics that have these guidelines non-dairy, gluten-free, and non-GMO

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    I get my Krill capsules, my pro biotics, toothpaste and my coconut oil from mercola . com it doesn't have any of the things you're concerned with... (the probiotics)...... :-)

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    Have you tried Symprove? It's available online from and and it's all of the things you specify.

    It's a probiotic with a water-based solution based on germinated barley, which is a good food for the bacteria to thrive on. It's gluten-free and diary-free so it doesn't trigger digestion which kills of most bacteria. It's also not free-dried, so the live bacteria get to work straight away.

    Getting some good reviews here in the UK.

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