Last year, when I tried CF near me, I wound up hurting my back, probably due to either poor form or too much weight (or both). It wound up not being for me -- classes were a little too advanced for newbie me, and I was very intimidated.

Yesterday, I found out that there's another CF box near me. I emailed the owner, who got back to me immediately. She says that at her gym, it's safety first. It's much smaller there, and the trainers make sure that the form is correct and that the individuals can handle the weight properly before moving up to more weight. I've got an appointment set up for this Wednesday to check it out and meet the trainers, take a class, etc.

And this particular box is **hundreds** of dollars cheaper than the other one.

I'm cautiously hopeful that this CF box will be the right one for me. I really enjoyed the weeks of weightlifting, and I am looking forward to getting back to it.