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Thread: Unusual or uncommon foods you want to try

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    I keep meaning to go to Khublai Khan, which is a restaurant serving all sorts of unusual meats including "wild boar, ostrich, shark, venison, springbok antelope, kangaroo, and zebra". There's one in my city. If I go I'll report back . Heard great things about these meats.

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    For those wanting to try snake, it's not that great- mostly bone. Growing up in north Florida, I've had it many times, and it's kinda like blue crab- a lot of work for a little meat. If, however, you are ever in Jacksonville, Fl, and want to try a whole bevy of unusual meats, in a *most* unusual restaurant, I must highly recommend Clark's Fish Camp:

    Scroll down to "Call of the Wild Appetizers"

    The place itself has more taxidermy than anywhere else I've ever been. Including taxidermy shops. Plus, gators swim by all the time if you are eating on the dock.

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