Health - Ellen Ruppel Shell - Eschewing Bananas Is Not the Cure to America's Health Woes - The Atlantic

OK... you know, low fat is probably a great correction for people who overeat fat and meat. BUT MOST PEOPLE OVEREAT GRAINS AND SUGAR. Lowfat does nothing if you are a sugar addict or a wheat addict. I was at a party last night and no one was touching the cheese, there was no meat, but overweight people were stuffing themselves with crackers, cookies and baked goods.

Meat is not why most people are fat. An over consumption of sugar and wheat is why.

Ugh, people need to be encouraged to find the way that works for them, not get a lecture on over consumption of meat. I stopped eating meat FOR YEARS. I have now lost over 30 lbs since restarting my meat consumption and ditching grains.

And I eat bananas. I just ate one!!!!!!