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Thread: Women, do you exercise during your period?

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    Women, do you exercise during your period?

    I'm generally very tired during that time of the month, but I've found that exercise lessons cramping, especially regular, vigorous exercise in the week before the period. Does exercise help anyone else with cramps?

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    It really helps me both with cramps and with things like mood. Like you, I'm more fatigued just before my period starts, but it's definitely worth getting out and doing stuff anyhow. There's some research out there that supports this, but it's not a very big body of evidence--sports medicine is sort of playing catch-up with research on woman-specific stuff.

    Exercise and Premenstrual Symptomatology: A Comprehensive Review | Abstract
    Cardinal Scholar: Exercise and premenstrual syndrome
    The role of exercise in the treatment of menstrual disorders: the evidence
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    I have no evidence, but my own personal experience has been that brisk walking and vigorous strength training are definite "do's" that first crampy, achy, bitchy day of my period. It just seems to relax my pelvic muscles and improve my overall mood. Also, whenever I realize I raging on PMS, I schedule a major workout session.
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    I Most definitely workout when it's my time of the month. Makes me feel so much better. I skip hot yoga though, but generally I prefer to run, lift, and work up a big sweat!

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    Absolutely yes.

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    Mostly yes. There is just a day or 2 when I should be at home sitting on old towels and going to the bathroom every 30 minutes, when I feel like I might be actually bleeding to death! The rest of the time, exercise is great!

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    Do you really want me to tell the truth on this one...
    I certainly count it was exercise, gets the heart rate up and all... but it's more in the fun realm I suppose.
    AND it definitely alleviates cramps, elevates mood, and reduces aches and pains...
    Generally a nap is in order afterward though.
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    Fuck no, I just lay in bed like a slug, occasionally emitting piteous moans of misery. I hate leaving the house enough as it is. It's 500x less appealing when I'm also bleeding and in pain, and when every movement sends waves of nausea through me.

    Sometimes if my cramps get bad enough, I'll subdue my uterus with an orgasm, though. That's exercise, right?

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    I was wondering the same thing today... I was worried if it would harm something in some way like hemorrhaging or something else the super paranoid think about. I found that doing sprints works out good as well as walking type stuff. But as far as lifting heavy things, I feel extra weak. Now, the week before is what stumps me. I feel bloated and crabby and not wanting to move. And sooooo tired. I wonder if there is a good pms exercise.
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