I started PB in early March. I was sailing along feeling great, the fat was melting off. Then the loss slowed and I started having heart palpitations and I played with my macros and realized that staying under 50carbs a day was the cause. I upped them to closer to the 100g a day range depending on activity and the palpitations stopped and I was sleeping better. Since doing that I go weeks without dropping an ounce, even fluctuate up a bit then back down. Last month I suddenly dropped a few lbs after not losing for about 3 weeks, and was satisfied with this new pattern since I felt like I was content with my eating. Well the last 2 weeks or so I am suddenly hungry all day long. I had not been tracking consistently so I decided to eat normally for a few days and track. I was eating almost 2000cals a day, one day I was at 2200! Back in the beginning I was consistently falling around 1500-1600 and not hungry in between meals at all. I cannot go VLC again because the heart palpitations were making me insane. It must be a symptom of ketosis for me. I stayed under 50g the last 2 days and they are starting again. Obviously I am eating my maintenance calories, which isn't the end of the world but I would like to see some more fat loss in the lower abdomen and thighs. If I just stick with eating PB and continue to exercise (currently I am doing boot camp 2X week, walking or hiking 2-3hours a week, lift once a week and I take a challenging yoga/pilates class once/week) should I dial calories back or will the results happen eventually? I am MUCH more active than I was in the beginning so I am guessing the activity level + higher carbs is what is driving my hunger.