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Thread: Whats the best minimalist moisturiser?

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    I've been slathering coconut oil on my sunburn lately and it's been making my skin all nice. Takes forever to absorb, but I just do it before bed and it's gone by the time I wake up.

    I don't usually put anything on my face. I just rub thoroughly with hot water at the conclusion of my shower (when the pores are all open and whatnot). I don't really break out much anymore. When I do, though, a mix of castor oil and olive oil works pretty well. You don't have to use olive oil, though. Just castor oil and whatever other oil you want. The next time I do it I'll probably use coconut oil because I don't buy olive oil anymore. Anyway, you rub it on your face, put a hot washcloth on your face to steam-clean, take it off when it gets cold, then wipe off oil residue. Works super well.

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    I use a tiny fingernail's worth of coconut oil, rub it in my hands to melt it (most of the year), then massage into my face after a shower. Nothing more. I choose to use the non-smell kind for moisturizer. Works great anywhere - makes my tattoo glisten like it's new. Just don't use too much - a wee bit is enough. I'm 52 and my skin is dewy soft.

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    I love coconut oil for cooking, but I found that using it as a moisturizer made my skin itch like crazy! I've started applying castor oil while still in/just after the shower and have had great results. I've always had really dry legs and a problem with heat-aggravated eczema, but the castor oil has kept my legs pretty itch-free and soft.

    Good luck!
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    I find coconut oil makes my skin feel tight and dry so if I'm in need of moisturizer I use olive oil (when I'm still damp from a shower) or cocoa butter. Lard is a good moisturizer for hands. I usually put some on before bed. That way I don't have to worry about the greasy hands and by morning they are nice and soft.

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    Coconut oil.

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    Coconut oil, and if you can find coconut oil mixed with beeswax I find that works really well.

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    I use Emu oil.. use it on my hair to.. works lovely.

    Have tried quite a few others but dident like to results as well. (Except Argan oil for my hair.. that was good)
    Coconut oil makes my hair feel brittle for some reason...
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    Coconut oil gave me a rash on my face.

    I use Olive Virgin Oil from DHC. Works fantastic.

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    once i stopped using facial cleansers, i stopped needing moisturizers. go figure, right? i use a face cloth in the shower just to slough off dead skin. i take hot baths a few times a week and hold the hot cloth over my nose and chin, where i tend to get clogged pores. if i have been overzealous with the cloth, i dab a bit of olive oil on my cheeks.

    i use coconut oil on the ends of my hair every so often.
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    Water is the best moisturizer. Clean your body with it and drink it. Everything else is fluff.

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