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Thread: The whole "fat burning machine" thing

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    Quote Originally Posted by elenius View Post
    Are you actually following this protocol? It's supposed to take several days for most people to get back into ketosis and it's not always a nice experience... Also, during the adaptation period, you are losing muscle for gluconeogenesis to get enough glucose, until the ketone levels are back up. (This is from Volek and Phinney's book). Constantly switching back and forth between ketosis and non-ketosis just doesn't seem feasible.

    I think train low/race high works, but the low has to be 150g carbs per day or so, to stay out of ketosis, and to stay high enough to get sufficient glucose for the brain, restoring muscle glycogen, etc.
    I'm following this and it works great. First you need 2-3 weeks strictly below 30 carbs to switch to fat metabolism. Then you start with carb meals sat/sun.
    Important thing is to take carb meals only before heavy glycolitic workout. After that, you go with regular high fat keto meals and moderate workouts. I'm in ketosis 2 days after heavy workout but I'm working out 7 days a week .

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    It seems that the people on Barefoot Ted's huaraches google group are really into low carbohydrate running. They're really into the whole Maffetone training thing. You might go check over there.
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    I would recommend some of the work of Dr. Greg Ellis. He has spent the last 20 years of his life promoting and studying the low-carb diet. I personally have always trained in a fat burning state. Check out some of these links, they will help you understand using fat as fuel for muscular contractions.

    Fuel for Muscle Contrations gone over by Dr. Gregory Ellis - YouTube
    Glycogen Loading is a Major Dietary Blunder - YouTube

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