I am sure I have a bladder infection, so I head to the clinic and here is the conversation I have with the doctor.

Dr: comes in and looks at me: “Did you eat breakfast today?”

Me: “yes” (the truth is I didn't eat until noon, but it is Saturday)

Dr: “Are you lying to me?”

Me: “No” (a little indignantly)

Dr: “your urine is full of ketones”

Me: I look at her like I have no idea what she is talking about (I am thinking “of course it is, I am limiting the amount of carbohydrates I am eating so that I can lose weight,” but I don't say that)

Dr: “usually when we see that much ketone it means you are starving” (obviously she is not looking at me when she says that) “or you're diabetic, and there is absolutely no sugar in your sample. When did you eat?”

Me: “a least an hour ago, maybe more”

Dr: “What did you have?”

Me: “a sort of frittata thing with spinach, arugula, a bit of ham and some cheese melted on top”

Dr: “okay” (not sounding convinced) “well, you do have an infection...” and she carries on with that...and then mentions it again how I'm obviously not a diabetic, but there are ketones there...

too funny