Hi! My name is Colin, and I've been reading MDA and the forums on the sidelines for about a year now. Finding the primal lifestyle has been a privilege. As a relatively overweight teenager, I've struggled with my weight my entire life. Currently, I'm 210 pounds at 5'11. I used to be a lot thinner, around 160-170, but the stress of high school has made me sedentary. I've always fallen back on SAD food; grains, sugar, GMOs, and industrial oils. However, my perspective on nutrition and wellness has really evolved with Mark Sisson's PB. In my freshman nutrition class, they taught us a calorie is a calorie, and I never thought hormones would play a role in stored body fat. One day, I watched Fathead on Netflix. That documentary may as well have saved my life. They introduced Gary Taubes's perspective, and exposed the nutritional horseshit that "Super Size Me" had taught me a year prior in health class. I'm not a genius in terns of biology, but I understand to some extent the effects of insulin and carbohydrates, as well as the glorious wonders of saturated fat and cholesterol. So thats my basic background, and I was wondering what kind of support system I could find on here. My goal is to lose body fat and replace it with lean, sexy muscle. ;D Any tips, emotional support, and nutritional advice are welcome.

My main question: Does the primal blueprint have a different approach for younger people? I can imagine how it might be different. I wouldn't want to stunt my growth, or play with my hormones. What might a sixteen year old do differently than an adult? I don't have much access to organic meats and veggies, but always access to conventionally raised meats, limited veggies, and fruit on occasion. I try to avoid all sugary drinks and sip on only water, I ditched grains for the most part, (its hard to avoid them completely though), and I still drink a bit of full-fat white milk at school.