So to quote Culinary Propaganda: You Will Eat Mackerel

The first line of argument is about being a responsible consumer of seafood. The global stocks of many species of fish have been considerably degraded over the last century, and some are on brink of total annihilation. Mackerel is not among these. On the North American Atlantic coast, it has long been and continues to be considered a junk fish. Few commercial fishermen seek it out as their primary target. Most are caught as by catch and are used as bait or for fishmeal. A friend originally from the Canadian east coast told me that, when she was growing up, fishermen there would ridicule anyone who wanted to eat mackerel.

It is my understanding that this fish is DHA crazy. 1 cup 44g of protein, 1.5 g of DHA, are you farting serious? So I would like to eat more, preferably the 1 dollar for giant(at Giant) can kind. Thoughts?