Is there a honeymoon period for paleo/primal like there appears to be for vegans? I mean, I felt great, better than ever in my life, but the last few weeks I have not felt quite so high. I feel:

- sleepy
- cranky/moody/irritable, almost depressed
- not as physically energetic
- sore from any kind of exercise
- sometimes my head feels like a caffeine withdrawal feeling but I'm not withdrawing from caffeine
- things not moving as fast through my system as I would like
- I eat something and feel energy and then it wears off quickly

I eat plenty of sweet potatoes and occasional fruit (but I swear I felt better on low carb). Plenty of grass-fed beef and salmon so I'm getting my O3s. The main thing that is different is that it's super foggy every day. The sun doesn't come out until 5 or 6 most days. Been like that for weeks.

Do you think it's the fog? Do you think that the vibrant feeling wears off and then you go back to your normal sluggish self (if that's what normal has always been for you)?