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Thread: Calling Walkers and Hikers

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    Calling Walkers and Hikers

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    Do you walk or hike regularly? Do you track your mileage? If so, would you be interested in doing a virtual Pacific Crest Trail or Appalachian Trail hike with me?

    I did the Pacific Crest Trail virtually with friends a few months ago and we logged our weekly miles to trail markers along the way on a spreadsheet we shared through Google Docs. We offered each other encouragement, laughed, and sometimes shared beautiful photos of either the virtual trail or our real-life hikes.

    It's not a competition. The idea is that all miles move the entire group along the trail to the next beautiful town or trail marker.
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    Interesting! I walk or hike an hour per day. My mileage varies, but it's usually around 6 miles.

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