I hate people sometimes. They see me and the way my eating works, they see the weight I have lost and the health I have. They know I had diabetes and blood pressure issues but they would rather go on weight watchers or become a vegetarian because they have cholesterol problems. I show them the data, the studies, the findings, they see me and still they go oh no I cant do that, too much cholesterol is bad, all that meat is fattening and what will I do without bread and pasta, oh no I dont want to get sick from low blood sugar.

Does no one listen? People are so brain washed they cant see truth that is right in front of them. My best friend still says all this meat and fat is making me gain weight and going to give me heart problems.... I have lost 50 lbs in a cpl of months and I am going to get fat????? His ex wife says I am malnourished from lack of essential nutrients in grains.

Sigh, some days I think the plague would be a good idea, there is no hope for most people.