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Thread: I need help...seriously...I need help......sighs

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    I need help...seriously...I need help......sighs

    I just can't seem to make it work...and I am not too sure what to do.

    I just can't seem to see any results....other than bouncing around the same 3-5 lbs up and down...while my coworker doing the same job, eating the same way and exercising the same amount has dropped 15lbs...what am I doing wrong?...honestly it has me so depressed that my usual happy self and desire to be outside and active is dwindling and the donuts at the local bakery are looking more and more like home.

    I have been at least 80/20 since April 1st...following the recipes in mark's book etc etc etc and I haven't seen any real differences in energy, health and wellness or weight loss and i am not sure what I am doing wrong. It really has me in a downward spiral that I am sure is headed for a carb binge and i do not want that...uugggh.

    I am 38 years old, male, I spend a lot of time outdoors doing a lot of different sports and I always have. I grew up skinny, almost too skinny and eating anything I wanted. At about the age 21/22 something changed and the weight started to creep on and seemed harder to leave. now at 38 and 5'10" I float between 220-228lbs and i feel every pound of it. I have a strong muscle base and i am over all "healthy"...but just way way waaaay overweight and I just can't seem to shake it. I know primal is not meant to be just a weight loss is a life choice and a change...however the effortless weightloss was one of the side effects i was most looking forward to.

    any advice would be welcomed...if any one has like a 2 week detailed menu plan i would love to sneak it from one of my problems is creating meals day after day etc. I am also finding a lack of interesting side seems my meals all consist of a slab of roasted/grilled meat and a veg and a salad...boom...that is it..and while it is delicious it gets a bit please, help me if you can.

    If you are going to tell me how UN-dedicated I am etc etc etc just move on please...i am not doubting the program or the benefits etc. I agree with it...just struggling right now and looking for some guidance.
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