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Thread: I need help...seriously...I need help......sighs

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    I agree with trying to eat bigger meals to eliminate snacking. Without seeing amounts, I wonder if you're eating enough. I find that when I drop too low in calories I gain weight. Might be counterintuitive, but your body needs to know it's getting ample nutrition consistently.

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    hmmm i will try bigger meals and try to avoid snacking...i don't do it often..usually after working out in the evening bfor dinner.

    as for bacon/ham do you still feel that way if the bacon/ham are smoked/curd by me?

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    You are very active. You weigh 200+pounds. and you eat like a bird, theres your problem. 3 meals a day,EAT BIG. no snacking, i thoroughly believe that tho low carb can work for some people, for someone who is living an active life there is no reason you cannot be eating a higher amt of carbs, its healthy for you. 3 meals a day with a nice split of fat/starch and a nice whopping of meat will do great for your energy and flooding your body with nutrients. You might feel a bit weird at first but your body will adapt and grow stronger instead of reducing a macronutrient to very low levels, and for someone who isnt on the right track yet intermittingly fasting isnt the best idea, esp. when youre moving quite a bit. forget about tracking cals and all that, eat until youre satisfied each meal, eat 100 percent primal, you may gain a few pounds, but your body will regulate itself, and if you make sure youre eating big and forcing the food in, in a few weeks your bodys hunger signals will start to work properly and youll just naturally fall into a good eating pattern with good energy and great digestion because you havent limited yourself in any way. good luck!

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    ok well i have given you examples of what i eat...people keep saying eat bigger, eat more....give me examples please

    and i am not sure i eat like a bird...lunch is often 5-6 peices og bacon or a chicken breast or salmon steak and salad...dinner is a large steak, or 1/4 chicken, or 2-3 pork chops etc...

    so please give me some menu ideas, plans etc

    as far as 3 meals a day...mark is very clear in his book that we should eat when not hungry in the just isn't when i need to eat

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    Quote Originally Posted by DanWebster View Post
    and i am not sure i eat like a bird...lunch is often 5-6 peices og bacon or a chicken breast or salmon steak and salad...dinner is a large steak, or 1/4 chicken, or 2-3 pork chops etc..
    Seriously, I could easily eat this and I'm 5'7, 190 lbs and female. I completely hear you on not being hungry at breakfast, I don't eat it either. Where are you getting your fat from other than bacon and coconut milk? Your diet seems pretty low in fat. Do you cook with it? I can't really tell from what you wrote. High fat also keeps you fuller longer and is higher in calories per gram, so less need to snack. Also, eat when you're hungry, and don't eat when you're not. By this I mean, physically hungry, not psychologically hungry and bored. If you are hungry, eat a meal, not a snack. You often end up eating excess calories easily by mindless snacking, especially if it's on stuff like nuts. If you're looking for some menu ideas, check out my journal link below.
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    My friend was having the same problem as you. What seemed to help him was more intense but short exercise. He would work out really (and I mean really really) hard for like 3 minutes a couple of times a day. At first he couldn't do a pushup, he just laid there and pushed as hard as he could. He would run as fast as he could up the stairs at work taking them two at a time. Just random stuff like that. Occasional all out bursts of energy. I thought it was weird and funny, until one day he did a pullup by what appeared to be shear will power , he was one of the guys that made me go primal. He does movnat type exercises now and he's cut.

    I don't if that will work for you but its got to be worth a shot.

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    other fats I get are cooking with lots of butter, coconut oil or olive oil.

    I like the short burst exercise idea..i will try to include some of those in my day. I have also decided that now that the days are much longer here I will add in a 15-20 minute skateboard ride each night.

    If possible I would love it if one of you could give me like a 3 day example of your menu as well as exercise....just so i can see what others are doing and what is working. seems like I am missing something.

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    Eat a big breakfast right when you wake up. Focus specifically on protein, 30-75 grams. Not below 30 and this should be done within 30 minutes of waking. Force yourself to eat it, and focus on going pretty much paleo (without nuts) until you've reached or gotten close to your ideal weight. This may sound like it won't be very fun to eat, and it probably won't but it will work, fast. So the question is: Is it worth it? And that will be your decision.

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    No, eating breakfast is not worth it for me. I will not force myself to eat it...not only does this make me ill...seriously physically ill to eat in the morning and i usually end up vomiting it up anyways...but it goes against what I have learned from Mark's sorry, I thank you for the advice, but I will not be forcing myself to eat.

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    Metric what other forms of fats do you feel i should be adding? I leave and enjoy all the chicken skin I can get, recently tried chicharonne (sp)...enjoyed that.....I cook with a lot of butter and coconut oil, lots of avocado and as well other animal fats. Just curious as to what other sources of fat you are using?

    as well asking about coconut milk..I love the stuff...but am i sabotaging myself by consuming too much? I go through about 1-3 cans a week usually.
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